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Favourite Place

So without a doubt my favourite place in Thailand was Koh Phi Phi (even with my friend the giant centipede). I hope I will be able to recreate that feeling again of pure joy walking through the jungle path and out onto Maya Bay, it really is breathtaking! A snorkelling trip that brings you to all the surrounding islands and the Phi Phi view point are also a most!


Meh. Could have done without

Phuket (Patong). Now, it did rain pretty much the entire 2 days (Monsoon season craic) which is off putting in itself, but it was the whole sleazy vibe and constant nagging to buy and do things that put me off the place. I do wish I had got to see more of Phuket and maybe I would have a totally different opinion. At least I got to do the amazing jungle zip line there – Flying Hanuman – which turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. But aside from this, no, Phuket (the small part I got to see) is not one I personally would be rushing back to. 


downloadThai Baht

€10 = 386 THB, €100 = 3,855 THB

(500 THB was €12.5 so 1000 THB was €25 approx and I worked from there to figure out the exchange in my head when I needed to). I spent around €1500 on my three week trip (excluding flights and accommodation which were paid in advance). This sounds very expensive for Thailand but I did splash out on dinners and wine etc. You could definitely do it a lot cheaper than this but I chose not to. 

When is the best time to visit?

Thailand like most South East Asian countries has two seasons- 1. dry 2. rainy or monsoon, although Thailand officially has three seasons, hot season, cool season and rainy season. I visited the first three weeks in June which is supposed to be during rainy season, however luckily we only got maybe three days of rain in total. The dry season (I am combining hot and cool for this) runs from November to April, while monsoon begins in May and continues until October. In the past these distinct seasons may have had more of a influence on choosing the best time to go travelling, but with Global warming having such a influence on climates at the moment, it really is in my opinion just a lottery on what the weather will be like. I know people who have went to Thailand at the height of monsoon and received very little rain and others who went in January and had a large amount.

Top Tip

Don’t get food poisoning!! trust me on this one if you ever have the horrible experience of getting food poisoning in Thailand I empathise with you. I lost a stone weight and had to go to the doctor for a finish I was so sick (it did not ruin my holiday luckily as i didn’t even know what it was half the time). I wont be taking ice on my next trip (gin without ice will have to do), I wont be eating salad and I will only be drinking water which I purchased myself and opened the seal.

In summary Thailand is a beautiful, crazy and from my experience very welcoming country. There is such a great mix of culture, parties and crystal clear waters, hosting islands with white sandy beaches.


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