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There are two kinds of packers in this world. The first is the “weeks ahead of travelling packer”. This person has everything organised, folded and zipped weeks before departing. Then there is the second kind (and I unfortunately fit into this category) “the night before packer” who starts at about 12 when you have to leave at 8 the next morning. On every occasion I said “next time now I will be sorted early” (because I would say I am a pretty organised person, thanks to all the daily reminders on my phone). Well for this trip I have finally done it! I started packing this evening and I don’t leave until Saturday.

For anyone who has ever had to carry one of these bad boys below


They are not much fun if you are as short and as much of a weakling as I am. So packing light is essential. I am going travelling for 10 weeks to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia, so here are some of the main items I have in my bag.

1. Packing Cubes 

Where have you been all my life? These cubes are a must. One thing I found last year with a backpack is when you open them to look for something, everything ends up having to come out. But with these little miracle cubes you can organise your clothes into tops, pants and underwear or whatever way you want to arrange them, so as your not constantly rooting through everything. They also weight nothing. I purchased mine on amazon for €20 (including shipping) and I got three different size cubes and 3 laundry pouches.




2. Micro Fibre Towel 

Again where have you been all my life. Towels are one of them awkward bulky things we all bring away and they are so heavy when they are damp. These micro fibre towels are fast absorbing, compact and very light. I ordered them off amazon for €19 (including shipping) and two came in the pack (a large one and a hand towel).




3. Travel Wallet

I wanted one of these for awhile and I was rather disappointed with the fabrics quality when it arrived (ordered off amazon again). However, it is a great way to keep all your documents, your passport, money and other items together (yes, it has been pointed out to me that if you loose it you have lost everything, but I still think it will be so handy).




4. Shampoo Bars 

This is a brilliant way to keep liquids and weight to a minimum. Rather than buying new shampoo constantly in each new place, these solid shampoo bars work the same way as soap. They last for approximately 80 washes and can be purchased from Lush Cosmetics.  They come in all flavours and scents and there are different ingredients in each one to suit your hair type. It worked out at €24 euro for the shampoo bar, conditioner bar and two tins to store them, which is expensive enough for shampoo but will be worth every penny.




5. First Aid Pack

I cannot take any credit for anything put into this bag as my Mam organises this for me every time I go away (Thank God). Shes the simply the best! This bag contains everything you could need from paracetamol to Dioralyte, emergency eye wash, bandages, bite cream, anti histamine, antibiotics, you name it she has it in there. While travelling I think some sort of a first aid kit is one of the most important things to have with you.




top packing tip: keep a spare change of clothes/underwear in your hand luggage as there is nothing worse than if your luggage is lost and you don’t have anything with you. Likewise, don’t put valuables or anything you couldn’t do without in your checked bag.

Happy Packing!


Travel Quote ♥

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  1. Much better packing thank mine! I love your shampoo bars (my worst nightmare is finding underpants dripping with shampoo). And I love the packing cubes. Totally agree with the first aid kit. I’d also add a mini sewing kit, one of those they put in expensive hotel rooms. Or just an emergency safety pin. Sometimes trousers rip …

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    1. Thanks a mill 😊 that’s a great idea actually must add that into the bag I know the ones your on about


  2. This is a great packing list! I agree, I couldn’t live without my packing cubes. 🙂

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  3. Amy says:

    Great tips for backpack, Thanks!

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