When in Rome

I have been to Rome twice, in 2010 and 2015 and would certainly go again due to the sheer volume of history and sights contained within this ancient city. It makes for a great city break but be prepared for a serious amount of walking as this is the best way to see the city.


This place needs no introduction or explanation and is arguably the top sight to see in Rome and so should be. If you get the metro to ‘Colosseo’ it is right there in front of you when you exit the station. The entrance fee to the Colosseum costs €12 for an adult or if you are an EU citizen between the age of 18-25 it is only €7.50. The ticket is valid for 2 days and also permits access to the Forum and Palatine Hill. We were lucky enough that we only had to wait for around 30 minutes in the queue but depending on the time of day this could be a lot longer (we went in the afternoon).



For me the Roman Forum was a bit of a let down, similar to Circus Maximus (which is now basically an empty field). The Forum requires a vivid imagination as it is now just crumbling ruins. I would say when your at the Colosseum go, just don’t be expecting too much like I did.



The Trevi Fountain

I had been going on and on to my boyfriend Richie about the Trevi Fountain before our trip about how much I loved it the last time I was there. So he couldn’t wait to go and of course sure enough and these kind of things happen to me too often, it was being renovated. As in all scaffolding and no water. Sickened. My old photos have all been misplaced (or else my young curly haired brace face is too embarrassing to show now). But this should be top of your list for sights in Rome.

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This is the best persevered building from Ancient Rome and is less than a 10 minute walk from the Trevi Fountain. It was originally built as a temple to honour the Gods but was burnt down and rebuilt twice. The building that stands today was constructed under Emperor Hadrian A.D 118 and 125.



Piazza Navona

9 minute walk from Pantheon. Rome contains many of these squares however Piazza Navona was particularly memorable with its fountains, cafes and painters congregating all over the square displaying their art.

The Vatican

Don’t expect to rock up to the Vatican and think you will be out of there in an hour (you wont. Unless like on my most recent trip you just do St. Peters Square) . If you are going to do the Vatican Museum (which contains Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel) and St. Peters Basilica (which is home to The Pietà) you could be in a queue for 2 hours! There is a more expensive ticket you can pre-book to skip the line but as far as I am aware you will still queue. Having done this before with my Family I was delighted when Richie wasn’t too pushed about waiting that long. Now don’t get me wrong, if I had not been before I would definitely go and spend the whole day because it really is fabulous. However, personally I found by the time you actually get to the Sistine Chapel which is at the very end of a 40/50 minute walk (at least) through all the other rooms the magnificence of it has worn off because there are so many other ornate structures and paintings before it. Also you cant take pictures of the Sistine Chapel there are guys going around shouting “NO PHOTO” (which understandably is for conservation reasons). Tip: There is a dress code for Vatican- knees and shoulders should be covered. Vatican is easily accessible by metro.




Other attractions I visited include the Spanish Steps (which honestly are just steps), Altare della Patria (which like many other sights contain guys dressed as Centenarians. They say they wont charge you for a picture but they will). I went to the Ireland v Italy 6 Nations game in the Stade Olympique and listening to the Italian National Anthem being sung by the crowd gave me chills. I wont even attempt to start about the Italian food and wine or this post will be never ending.




(The following link is very useful for information about the metro for prices, stops etc.  https://www.rometoolkit.com/transport/rome_metro.htm)



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  1. Love the photos & grat info.


      1. Your welcome 😀


  2. Great quote – sort of a rewording of ‘A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words’. Love your hints and advice.


    1. Ya I really liked it too when I saw it. thank you very much 😊


  3. krikaryan says:

    Italy is great. I love how we kept something from the past 😀 I love old buildings, statues…etc 🙂


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