Ultimate trip planning App

All credit for finding this App must go to my fellow travel partner Sinéad (Shinners), not exactly sure how she came across it but thank God she did. Its called Our Itinerary Viewer (free download) and it has been the most handy tool we have had for planning our upcoming 10 week trip. We started off organising separately in notebooks, keeping our own notes and then sending links through Facebook and text message which was so awkward and nothing was being decided or saved. Basically, what this app does is allow you plan your trip, day by day, and the best part is you can add whoever you like to your itinerary. So this app is perfect for solo travellers, couples or groups. Your itinerary also can be printed out in PDF format, if maybe you have someone at home who would like to know where you are but wouldn’t be able to navigate through the App.


So you can fill in day by day where you will be, your flight details, hotel addresses and little notes on activities or things you wish to do on that particular day.


There is also a discussion forum where whoever is in the group can talk about changes or additions that need to be made. Something very useful about the App is it contains an expenses section where you can keep all the details on how much you spent on the trip. I personally like to have everything organised before I go anywhere so this is the perfect way to do it!

Rachel 🌍
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  1. Hi there! I nominated you for an award, if you like to participate, here is the link: https://curlygirlabroad.wordpress.com/2017/05/20/awesome-blogger-award/

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  2. Thanks a million.. I will get around to it later 😊😊


  3. Dr B says:

    Take a peek at Tripit, also a free app we have used for years. Just send any emails you get of bookings for anything such as flights, hotels, restaurants, etc and it automatically enters them for you. You can add freehand too. But thanks for your tip about Our Itinerary Viewer we will check it out.

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    1. Awh brilliant must look that up so 😊

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  4. dejahgatz says:

    cooool, I am going to download the app for my next trip 🙂


    1. You should I found it brilliant 😊

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