Giant centipedes are not your friend

Like many people who visit Thailand, Koh Phi Phi was my favourite stop. It really is breathtaking. We stayed in Bay View Resort which was on the far side of the peer and is only accessible by the beach. To be honest, it’s not much to look at judging by the reception which is open plan and grubby, but the view from the room made up for it.


Wow! perfect right? Wrong! I love a good bathroom so I went to sus it out, and to my horror although it wasn’t a semi open type at the same time I knew creatures could get in. Now I dealt with the lizards (or more Richie did) because they are harmless but I couldn’t get over what would greet us after our snorkelling trip. We decided to take an innocent nap as we were both exhausted and also scalded from the sun, because sure why would the two whitest people on the boat wear sun cream? awoken from my slumber by Richie jumping onto the bed “there’s something in the room”. “What! What is it?? What is it?” And he replied with the most frightening response you could get in this situation, “I don’t know”. Imagine, two poor fools looking around the room for something but you have no idea what it is, all you know is it ran for you when going to the bathroom. A lizard ran from near the wardrobe and out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought was another lizard that ran under the curtain. “Oh God Rachel don’t lookat the curtain ok?”. Of course I looked. IMG_3895.JPG

Apparently because of the thunder storm every sort of undesirable tries to squeeze inside and this guy made it. from this experience I have a strict no open bathroom policy while travelling.

Rachel 🌍


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  1. Bloody hell, that thing is literally my worst nightmare


    1. Me too I just sat on the bed crying 😂


  2. Oh my God! It’s real scary!


  3. Boy!!!!!!! Awful. But your other photo is great.

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