blogging? Really?

A friend asked me the other night “roughly how much money would I need for four nights in Vegas?”. I couldn’t remember. He then asked me today “any suggestions of what to do in San Diego?”. Again, I couldn’t remember. I found myself browsing through my photo albums and googling “things to do in San Diego” and “nightlife in San Diego” to jog my memory. I have always kept a scrap book with tickets and little keepsakes from events and places I have been, but the problem with a scrap book is it cant relive funny stories or detail the planning that went into getting to that event or place in the same way that words can. 

This blog will hopefully give travel tips to people like me who do google “top things to do in (fill in country)”.

I will be travelling for 10 weeks at the end of June through South East Asia so a lot of stories and travel information will be based on that. From the research that I have done for my own travel a large majority of blogs that I have read are by Americans (although nothing wrong with that) I wanted an Irish persons opinion on what they thought was or was not worth visiting. This ‘blog’ will be from an Irish gals point of view and for anyone who has been to America our sense of humour and idea of “craic” is very different from theirs.

Also a big thanks to Riona Cleary who encouraged me to start this 🙂

Rachel 🌍


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  1. I’m looking forward to traveling via your blog 😉 I just wish I had more vacation time.. sigh.


    1. thank you so much I hope you enjoy it 🙂


  2. Dr B says:

    Your photo of tickets and things reminds me of going to Kathmandu for the first time in 1983 with my Nepali wife and two young children. I recently found my log of that month with all of the tickets and did a series of posts for my blog about the trip. You’re right about many travel blogs being written by Americans, most also are identical with no originality, just churning out what you can find in a guide book which is why I wrote my alternative Kathmandu series. Are you going to Nepal? And thanks for following too! 👫

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    1. And I am delighted it reminds you of that I love that scrap book I hoard everything 😂 thanks!

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    2. no I am not going there at the moment but when I get to il take a peek at your posts. No problem thank you aswell!😊


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